Thursday, June 18, 2009


due to unforeseen circumstances, the workshop will be scheduled on a later date ( I needed the weekend to start packing and move out of the house I am renting, the stupid Landlord did no tell me that it was being foreclosed, and do you believe he was actually still trying to charge me rent on a house he does not own anymore! ) good thing the lawyers of the bank sent a note saying not to pay anymore rent.

Hi everyone,

I am doing a painting demo with Khang at Gallery Nucleus on June 28 (6-10PM)
the details of the event can be seen through this link

It is pretty cheap just 60$ and you get to watch 2 artists. Khang will be doing an environment and I will be doing a character for that environment. Our theme is Street Fighter... it's my favorite game so far..I am so addicted :)