Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ThunderCats (meowr?)

Two years ago, I was sketching out some ideas for thundercats. I used to love watching it when I was younger. I would like to finish one of these ideas some day. You can see with these images how I realized (what the hell am I doing?!!) that he was looking too primitive ape-man kinda, Lion-O needs to be somewhat handsome and young, well he is handsome and young but I did not want him to be too much of a pretty boy, which explains the last image :P. I dont know why I thought he was an older and wize fellow. Lion-O has a mind of a 9 year old or is it 12 year old... I forget.

This is more how the cartoon looked like but I wanted to try to design the glove/gauntlet a bit more.

Body structure studies for Lion-O and Panthro, although Panthro does not look like this I just wanted to start off with a different look for him. ...and Mumra, my favorite he doesn't even have to work out, he just says some sh-tuff then he get really buff