Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo Manipulation

I wanted to try doing character design like how you do matte painting. Photo collage is harder than it sounds...for me anyway.. :0
here are my WIP ... I try to keep things under 1 hour but these end up being almost 2 hour sketches.
-weird crab sketch


Heix said...

why don't you use more of photo manipulation or matte painting style stuff in your design or paintings, with your skill that would look insane.

Anthony Francisco said...

thanks man :)

I don't know why I haven't used it more often, but I intend to explore this technique a bit more and post my progress.
hopefully I get better at it :)

Heix said...

I'm sure you will :) Nice chicken legs or that some birds legs you've got there btw.
I don't know much about photoshopping either, but what I know is that equalizing hue and saturation along with value helps to fit together the different pieces and it seems more realistic.
Maybe you know this guy, maybe his your friend even, Robert McKinnon, he does some magical things with photo manipulation, just check that out:
I mostly learn from there the technique your exploring now.
But just keep posting your progress :)