Saturday, October 9, 2010


The image I did for the CGMW workshop

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CGMW QandA session

I just wanted to thank everyone who purchased workshops for CGMW. It was a successful run and I am sure we will see more workshops in the future!

In my QandA session I promised to post the books I use for reference and inspiration. There are so many books I like,.. some I dont even have. So here is a really short list for now. I will updated it as often as I can. So please check back when you have the time.

Animal Studies  (by Meheut)
the Art of Animal Drawing (Ken Hultgren)
An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for the Artist ( W. Ellenberger; H.dittrich; H.baum  )
More Wildlife Painting  ( various artists )
BEAST (art of John Banovich) I love this book

I would love to hear any recommendations from you guys too. I am always interested in adding good books to my library