Thursday, April 28, 2011

Careers in Concepts

Sorry, another late notice... I am sure everyone will be busy with the weekend but if you guys are not doing anything and want to learn some cool stuff about concept art from  JUNG PARK, STEVE JUNG, JERAD MARANTZ, JONATHAN BACH, DAVID HOBBINS and BRIAN YAM ... and myself :)
We will all be doing a quick lecture and demo ( 2hr )

also check out
for some video interviews of the instructors and more information about different events in the art community.

Wizard Con

Hey Everybody .. I know this is really late notice but, I was offered a table in the artist alley at the Wizard Con (in Anaheim) on April 29-30
So if you happen to be around the area and want your cards signed.. or buy an artist proof please swing by... plus there are a bunch of other  Magic the gathering artist, actors, writers and more artists that you can meet :)